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Sky Ready RC

Xhover WIN5L 5" Racing Frame

$24.99 $49.99
  • Brand: Xhover
  • Product Code: XHR-WIN5L
  • QTY Remaining: 6

Xhover worked closely with their FPV racing pilots to design a frame they needed. They referenced the extremely popular Xhover WIN5 frame and from there decided to minimize the frame to accommodate a 20x20 stack, which will soon be the standard for most FPV racing frames.

This frame features a built-in anti-vibration system in the main plate, reducing the amount of vibrations to the flight controller stack. The WIN5L also features a 3 hole 16x16 arm design to help keep it as light as possible.

Please note: This Frame was designed to support a 20x20 FC stack.


  • Airframe: 60g (airframe + hardware)


  • 4 x Arms 5mm Chamfered
  • 1 x Top Plate 2mm Chamfered
  • 1 x Main Plate 2mm Chamfered
  • 5 x FC Soft mounts for Main Plate
  • 1 x Bottom plate 1.5mm
  • 1 x 3D printed Micro Cam mount Fits RunCam Micro and Foxeer Micro
  • High-Quality Steel Hardware
  • 4 x 28mm Standoffs
  • 1 x Battery Strap
  • 6 x Press nuts Pre-installed on the main plate

Introducing the Xhover WIN5L Racing Drone

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