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Xhover Frames and Accessories

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Xhover designed these frames specifically for racing. A sleek ultralight design makes this the perfect balanced FPV racing frame. The Xhover Win 5" Features a Stretched X Design preferred by some of the top FPV racing pilots in the world! This frames also features Chamfered edges on all the plates excluding bottom and camera plates, That means no more sanding the edges to get a nice s..
$24.99 $49.99
Xhover worked closely with their FPV racing pilots to design a frame they needed. They referenced the extremely popular Xhover WIN5 frame and from there decided to minimize the frame to accommodate a 20x20 stack, which will soon be the standard for most FPV racing frames.This frame features a built-in anti-vibration system in the main plate, reducing the amount of vibrations to the flight co..
$9.99 $12.99
This is a pair of replacement arms for the Xhover WIN5L racing frame.Includes:2 x WIN5L Arms 5mm Chamfered 16x16 Mounting..
Give your Xhover WIN5L a new aggressive look with the all-new WIN5L canopy. Designed to hold an AXII U.FL AntennaWeight:13gIncludes:1 x WIN5L/WIN3L Canopy (not compatible with any other frame)Mounting hardware, 2 red aluminum nuts..
Looking to make your WIN5 into an extremely durable quad? The all new 6MM arms will turn it into one of the most durable quads in your fleet!Includes:4 x 6mm Thick Carbon Fiber Arms Chamfered1 x Hardware Pack to convert..
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