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Sky Ready RC

EMAX Avan-R Propeller (5 Set Bulk - 10CW + 10CCW)

  • Brand: EMAX
  • Product Code: EMX-AVAN-R565
  • QTY Remaining: Out Of Stock

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EMAX Avan-R Tri-Blade high performance FPV propellers

Available colors: Crystal, Crystal Blue

Model: AVAN-R5.65


  • Blade profiles are optimized at key point along the length of the blade maximize lift coefficients
  • Linear throttle response - predictable response of propeller action throughout the entire throttle band
  • High grade poly carbonate for maximum durability and stiffness
  • Optimized design to match motor performance curves of the RS2306 series of brushless motors and similar performing motors in its class
  • Advance Ratio is used instead of conventional pitch theory to make the most efficient propeller in both speed and handling
  • Exclusive locking design in propeller hub to match with RS2306 and RS2205 motors to lessen prop loosening during flight
  • Countless hours of R&D were implemented on genuine AVAN propellers to take advantage of the RS2306 (and most modern 22xx and 23xx motors) full potential
  • Use of non-genuine (copied or cloned) propellers is NOT RECOMMENDED and will yield poor performance
  • Application: 200, 210, 230, 250, 280, 320 frames, etc.


  • 10 x EMAX CW AVAN-R5.65 propellers
  • 10 x EMAX CCW AVAN-R5.65 propellers

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