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CL Racing

CL Racing Flight Controllers

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This is the newest of the CL Racing flight controller line, the F4 Mini 20x20.Did you enjoy the full-size CL Racing FC?  With the current trend of downsizing just about everything, CL Racing has turned their full-size FC into this 20x20 mini flight controller. With a host of features usually only found on a full-size board, this mini FC gives you micro build size with an insane capabi..
This is the updated version 1.4 of the CL Racing F4 flight controller. Now compatible with all ESCs.Please NOTE: The 9v jumper has been soldered from the factory. If you wish to run 5v, you must un-solder the 9v jumper and solder the 5v jumper to prevent damage to your device.Features:Built in user selectable 9v or 5v 2A filtered BEC for camera and VTXDedicated hardware inversion: connect to UART3..
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