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Cobra SLX EVO 5" Racing Frame

Cobra SLX EVO 5" Racing Frame
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  • Brand: Sky Ready RC
  • Product Code: SRC-COBRA-SLX-EVO
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Cobra SLX EVO 5" Racing Frame

Designed, developed, and tested in Texas!

The EVOlution of the Cobra frame is here. Presenting the SLX EVO 5" Racing Frame by Sky Ready RC.

EXTREME DURABILITY: The Cobra SLX EVO stands apart from other frames because of the innovative CLS (channel lock system) which captures the carbon fiber arm at 3 different points with minimal hardware, resulting in a frame with extreme durability. The stack is mounted to a 2mm thick carbon fiber mid plate, allowing rigidity while still preventing the unwanted energy transfer from an aluminum center plate to your stack in a hard crash. Instead of an aluminum center plate bending beyond repair in a hard crash, the carbon fiber mid plate absorbs crash energy to save your expensive stack. The arms are anchored by the CLS plate in 3 different positions, which completely eliminates "arm wiggle", even after continuous crashing.

EASY MAINTENANCE: Arm changes can be done in a snap! The Cobra SLX EVO's innovative CLS plate design also allows for easy maintenance in the event of a broken arm (broken arms are few and far between). To change an arm, simply remove the screw anchoring the arm to the CLS plate, remove the three motor screws, and slide the arm out.

INTERCHANGEABLE ARMS: The arms for the Cobra SLX EVO are the same 5mm arms as those used on our Cobra Lite 5" racing frames. This minimizes the need to buy extra spares.

SHARP CORNERING: The X design of the EVO translates into equal axis rotation in the air. The 200mm wheelbase allows for super sharp cornering and extreme control in the air. This is a frame that will make you smile both during the build and while flying.




  • 3K carbon fiber chamfered arms (5mm thick)
  • 3K carbon fiber bottom plate (2mm thick)
  • 3K carbon fiber mid plate (2mm thick)
  • 3K carbon fiber top plate (2mm thick)
  • Billet machined aluminum CLS Plates (Channel Lock System)
  • Beautifully printed TPU parts (rhino fin, micro axii/ stubby mount, RX antenna tube holder, camera mount)
  • 12.9 grade steel screws
  • 16x16 motor mounting
  • 200mm wheelbase
  • Accommodates 20x20 stacks ONLY
  • Accommodates NANO cameras (14x14) ONLY


  • Airframe: 72g (including hardware)


  • 4 x 5mm 3K carbon fiber chamfered arms
  • 1 x 2mm 3K carbon fiber bottom plate
  • 1 x 2mm 3K carbon fiber mid plate
  • 1 x 2mm 3K carbon fiber top plate
  • 2 x Billet machined aluminum CLS Plates
  • 1 x TPU camera mount/ protector
  • 1 x TPU micro axii AND regular stubby antenna mount
  • 1 x TPU receiver antenna mount
  • 1 x receiver antenna tube with caps
  • 4 x aluminum black textured 25mm standoffs
  • 4 x 3x10mm 12.9 grade steel screws
  • 4 x 3x18mm 12.9 grade countersunk steel screws

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