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Sky Ready RC

CL Racing F4 Mini 20x20 Flight Controller

  • Brand: CL Racing
  • Product Code: CLR-F4MINI
  • QTY Remaining: 2

This is the newest of the CL Racing flight controller line, the F4 Mini 20x20.

Did you enjoy the full-size CL Racing FC?  With the current trend of downsizing just about everything, CL Racing has turned their full-size FC into this 20x20 mini flight controller. With a host of features usually only found on a full-size board, this mini FC gives you micro build size with an insane capability and feature set. Comes with rubber mounting grommets and m2 reducers to enable it to fit all types of builds.


  • Built-in Betaflight OSD
  • STM32F405 @168mhz    
  • Direct 2-6S input
  • MPU6000 gyro
  • Filtered 5V and 9V BEC's
  • Direct stack on Frsky xm+ Rx
  • 4 in 1 ESC socket and direct solder on 4 in 1 ESC pads.
  • Build in Camera control resistor and capacitor
  • Current sensor input solder pad
  • Inverter for Sbus (on UART1)
  • TX4(uart4) near VTX pads for easy smart audio or tramp wiring
  • 4 UARTS ---- TX6(uart6) SAT(uart6 RX ), RX4 ( uart4 ), RX3 TX3( UART3 )
  • Direct solder 4 in 1 esc cable easy to adapt to all ESC


  • 1 x CL Racing F4 Mini Flight Controller
  • 6 x M2 reducers
  • 6 x yellow vibration dampening gummies

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